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  1. GeylangSerai.com is a portal that combines community and heritage.
  2. The site is a showcase of halal businesses focusing on Home-Based Businesses where
  • people can gather, connect and socialize
  • with other like-minded people
  • viewing and knowing
  •  complementing each other products, & services,


It also shows the history of Singapore

On this page, you have the opportunity to socialize, showcase and grow your businesses and hobbies in a hassle-free, ‘kampong style” fun, friendly and rewarding way.

GeylangSerai.com let users register free on this site and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups, and much, much

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SINGAPORE HISTORY.... click here...

Fond memories for Pioneer and Merdeka Generations

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Share your story with us

This section is about your adventures in life, be it in business or work or just living...Research shows ... Writing Cures ...

  • Everyone has a story to tell.
  • Everyone has had a moment in their life that is worth sharing with others;
  • something that changed the direction of their lives,
  • defined their character, or
  • simply was an experience they will never forget.
  • And everyone else wants to hear it.
  • No matter how small and seemingly insignificant your story,
  • it’s important to share it so others can learn from your experiences
  • and connect with you on a more intimate level.
  • No matter what the story, talking about it is the first step in healing.
  • Stories can be very different, but they have one thing in common.
  • The writers lived through the experience and have come out the other side.
  • A person may not be ready to take that initial step, but you can help by being there for them.
  • You don’t have to be a writer or even someone who likes writing stories in order to share yours.
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Entertainment Classics Nostalgias

Old Malay Movies

Old Malay Movies

classic malay songs
classic malay songs

Classic Malay Somgs

classic hindi songa
classic hindi songa

Classic Hindi Songs

classic hindi movies
Classic Hindi Movies

Classic Hindi Movies


Commercial Digital Certificates
* SMI Paul Meyer Self Development (1977)
* Earl Nightingale Courses
• Ewen Chia Internet Mastery
• Alvin Pang’s Amazon Dropship
• Peter Chew Dropship
• Mohamed Imran Affiliate Marketing
• Amazon Kindle Ebook course
• AMP Micro-business Course

• Muslim Coaches Singapore
• Maher Academy
• Grow Success Club
• Muhammadiyah Associations
* Muslimbizness.com

Past Work Experiences
• 1SIR Infantry
• Meteorological (Paya Lebar Airport)
• Wholesale Business Cosmetics Perfumes
• Wholesale Foodstuffs (snacks etc)
• IT Trainer at Muhammadiyah
• IT Trainer at ACP Training & Consultancy
• IT Trainer Jamiyah Business School
• IT Mendaki SENSE

• www.ezybiznets.com
• www.geylangserai.com
• www.onlinetowkay.com (under maintenance)

People Association- IT Trainer

Core Competencies
• Digital Marketing
• Ecommerce
• Content Writing
• Social Media Marketing
• Google Drive
• Creating eBooks
• Graphic Design
• Ecommerce Website
• Blogging websites
• Google Ads
• FB Ads marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Windows10
• Smartphone and Tablets skills
• Microsoft Office
• Web Developing

Professional Certifications
* Diploma In Islamic Studies- ongoing
• Diploma in Interactive Media (James Watt College, UK) 2007
• Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) (IAL) 2012
• Digital Professional Course for Online Retail Business (SIRS),
• Social media marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SIRS), 2017
• Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Lithan) 2019
• Writers’ Program (Singapore Media Academy) 2021
• Diploma in Retail (Operations & Management) 2022


Active Holistic Lifestyle and to share business knowledge and expertise so that all members thrive together.


to raise the financial level and the standard of living of members