How To Do Goal Setting

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Goal setting includes the

  • advancement of an activity plan
  • intended to rouse and manage an individual/group

Towards an objective.

It consist of

  • process,
  • performance, and
  • outcome


Why is setting goals important?

Goals gives you

  • Long-term vision and inspiration.
  • Keep you focused on research for your development
  • helps you to organize your time
  • consolidate your resources

So that you can achieve success in your life.


How to set goals?

When you set a goal –

  • you should see the big picture and
  • In what results…
    • Get a photo of yourself having the things you want to achieve?
    • In that way you are crystalizing your goals

See yourself achieving in 6 months, 12 months from now.

Create a Gantt chart,  to illustrate your goals tracking and schedule and to see that you are on track…

Look regularly at your goals and your performance.

If it is off track seek solutions.

 Psychology of setting goals.

The act of writing goals  helps to

  • trigger new habits and practices
  • Helps guides your focus and concentration to helps you sustain that movement towards your objective.
  • your focus and confidence will be sharpened
  • You will discover your strengths and weaknesses and set further goals to improve them…


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