ideacherry 100% Cotton Thick Muslim Hijab Shemagh Tactical Desert Arabic Scarf Arab Scarves Men Winter Military Windproof Scarf

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Color: White Green Red Gray Beige Brown

Product Description

Arabic thick scarf

By ideacherry

Features and specifications:

Keep yourself warm with this cozy scarf

1. Try to reduce the friction and hard objects with a hard pull hook;

2. Avoid pulling vigorously, so as not to detachment, hole, pilling;

3. To prevent contact with corrosive substances;

4. Regular dust removal. Dust off with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner once a week. In the sunny noon, dry 1 hour, to keep dry, once a week;

5. Wear time should not be too long, pay attention to the intermittent ten days, to restore elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue


Note: The size chart shows the outside parameters of this scarf.



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